Our Mission

Houston Sword Sports is a fencing club with the mission of introducing Houston to the lifetime sport of fencing through community outreach, after-school programs, and on-site classes. Our vision is to build a healthy community that exercises and plays together in a sport that improves fitness, self-discipline, focus, and decision-making.

About Houston Sword Sports

Don’t just dream of learning to fence, come join us and find your sword.

Learn the techniques and tactics of the sword in a fun, exciting, safe environment. We want you to come join us and meet others who want to challenge themselves and hang out.

Houston Sword Sports is an organization devoted to bringing the sport of fencing to the people of Houston. We want to share this safe and exciting sport with you and help you meet new people, challenge your mind, and get some fun exercise.

Want to learn more?

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  2. Gulf Coast Division
  3. Ask Fred (tournaments and results)
  4. NCAA Fencing
  5. Fencing.net (a great general resource)
  6. Reddit

Our History

Houston Sword Sports is a fencing club with a new philosophy. Fencing is a fast-paced, dynamic sport that challenges the mind and body. We all have sword fantasies and dream of fighting our way to the top, testing ourselves against our adversary. Join us to tap into this and learn about yourself as you learn how to fight with a sword.

We are fencers who want to bring our joy of the sport to Houston and give everyone a chance to experience fencing. Coaches Dan Gorman and Liz Mayerich have over 45 years combined coaching experience teaching all levels of fencers. We want to bring a fun exercise and social experience to you.