7 Things to Consider When Looking For a Fencing Club

Written by Hayley Gillen

How do I get started fencing?

It’s easier than you think. The short answer is to sign up for a class, but you want to be sure you’re making an educated decision. Is this club the right fit for you?

Here are some things you want to consider.

  1. Does the club offer a free class or 1st-time drop-in rate? Meaning do they give a discount to people visiting the club for the first time.
  2. Check out the facility. Is it clean, spacious, electric scoring?
  3. Does the club have equipment for fencers to borrow? Being new to fencing, you probably don’t want to invest in $100s worth of gear. No worries, the time will come when you’ll know you want your own stuff.
  4. Feel out the environment. Do you like the coaches, fencers, anyone you come encounter with?
  5. Overall, how was your experience? If you are hesitant about anything, that club might not be right for you.
  6. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. The coaches are there to help and put you at ease. Don’t worry, every fencer has been in the same place as you. We have plenty of stories. Good, bad, and funny.
  7. Lastly, have fun and go into your first class with an open mind and a good attitude.


At Houston Sword Sports, they check all of the above. Whether you’re a new fencer and want to try something different or a seasoned fencer looking for a new club. The fencing community is a niche. A tightly woven web of long-term relationships and a bunch of people who come together from different backgrounds solely for the love of fencing. It’s a sport you can do from 1st grade all the way to your 100th birthday. You’re not only learning a new sport but joining a community you’ll be apart of for years to come. I’m confident that HSS will be a good fit for anyone who joins.


With your newly found confidence, be bold, and sign up for a class today.