Armory Clinic with Michael Mergens

Mergens works in his armory

Disclaimer: Michael Mergens will not teach you to shoot fire from your hands at the armory clinic.

Join us for an armory clinic with Michael Mergens, world-class armorer and owner of Learn to maintain your equipment, troubleshoot when you’re having problems, and fix it when it breaks.

This 5-hour class consists of discussions, demonstrations and practical exercises covering the following subjects:

    • Discussion of each part for foil, epee and saber (points, blades, grips, pommel nuts, connectors)
    • How each weapon works
    • How to take apart and put together weapons
    • How to test/maintain each weapon
    • How to test/maintain a mask
    • How to repair/maintain bodycords
    • How to troubleshoot problems with a weapon
    • How to rewire a blade
    • How to troubleshoot problems on strip

Students are encouraged to bring equipment to work on. Limited repair parts will be available for purchase. Students will also be provided items to help them with working on their own equipment, such as a copy of the Armorer’s Cheat sheet and a Bending Chain!

Clinic fees: $35 for nonmembers
$30 for Houston Sword Sports members
College student discounts available

To sign up: [hc-hmw snippet=”armory”]

Questions? Email


Bring a Friend Week: September 25-30

HSS Youth fencers play a fencing game

Bring a friend to Houston Sword Sports and they can help you defend a rope “castle” from invaders!

We’re trying something new this year: Bring a Friend Week! Bring a guest to any HSS class, September 25-30, and they can try fencing for free. They must be the appropriate age for the class: 6-12 for youth beginner classes, 8-12 for youth advanced classes, 13-18 for teen classes, and 18+ for adult classes.

If your friend signs up for a membership, you get a Starbucks gift card and they get 20% off their membership!

We know that you have someone in mind – a pal who thinks fencing sounds interesting, but you haven’t managed to get them to the club yet. Now’s your chance!

Email if you have any questions, or to sign up your friend ahead of time! Check the Classes page if you need a refresher on the schedule!

Fine print: Eligible guests must not have attended classes at Houston Sword Sports before Sept. 25. To qualify for the promotion, they must purchase a membership by September 30.

Stewart Wieck Memorial – September 19, 2-4pm

Stewart Wieck shakes hands after a bout

Stewart shakes hands after a bout at the Brash Invitational, February 2017.

Join us on Saturday, September 16, to celebrate the life of longtime friend and club member Stewart Wieck. From 2-4 pm we will have free open fencing with refreshments and a memorial book where you can record your fond memories of Stewart.

Stewart started fencing twelve years ago and has been with Houston Sword Sports since our founding. He has been a dear friend and will be sorely missed.

Our goal for the memorial is to give folks a chance to remember the good times we had with Stewart. The memorial book will be given as a gift to his wife Jennifer, who is also a longtime friend and club member.

Stewart Wieck fleches

Stewart fleches at the Brash Invitational, February 2017.

I’d like to attend!

Please RSVP by emailing If you have pictures of Stewart to share, please send them to Liz by Thursday, September 14.

I wish I could attend, but I’ll miss it!

If you cannot attend and have thoughts, memories or pictures you would like to have included in the book, send those to Liz by Thursday, September 14.

Stewart Wieck waits for a bout

Stewart Wieck waits for a bout to start, Brash 2016.