Looking for Subcontractors

Howdy folks! On Thursday from 1-2:30 we are hosting a Networking Meet & Greet event for Minority and Women-Owned Businesses. We are looking for subcontractors who want to work with us in Houston schools – whether for afterschool programs, PE supplements, or special fencing events.

To be eligible to coach with Houston Sword Sports you must:

A) Be able to pass a criminal background check

B) Have a coaching certification (preferably in fencing) OR two years’ fencing experience OR coaching experience in another sport.


C) Be willing to attend coach training classes at Houston Sword Sports.

Additionally, if you would like to subcontract with us on one of these projects, you must be certified as a Minority or Woman-Owned Business Enterprise by (1) City of Houston Office of Business Opportunity (MBE and/or WBE only); (2) National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) or local affiliate; and/or (3) Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) or local affiliate.

Interested? Please email Liz@HoustonSwords.com.

The meet and greet will be held at our location inside The Zone at 10371 Stella Link Rd., Houston TX, 77025.

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New Schedule Starts August 1

Weekly schedule for fencing classes at Houston Sword Sports

This will be the new schedule for Houston Sword Sports @ The Zone starting on August 1, 2017.

We recently unveiled a new, expanded schedule for our club now that we have our own facility. We got some great feedback on that schedule, and have made some more changes thanks to your input. Above is the latest version of our new schedule. Keep reading to find out more about the class changes!

Classes for Kids

Our three existing kids’ classes will stay the same. Tuesdays at 6 at the Bellaire Rec, Thursdays at 6 at the Zone, and Saturdays at 10 at the Zone. These are open to kids ages 6-12 and are beginner-focused.

For kids ages 8-12 with some fencing experience, we’re adding new classes.

  • Mondays from 5:30-7: Youth Epee Class
  • Wednesdays from 5:30-7: Youth Foil/Saber Class
  • Saturdays from 10-11:30: Youth Three-Weapon Class

These classes will be longer and focus on improving weapon-specific skills. If you have always wanted to try a new weapon, or if you want to perfect your technique in the weapon you already know, come to one of these classes!

Classes for Teens and Adults

Here we’re making some major changes, by opening the weapon-specific classes open to both teens and adults. This will open these classes to more people, and give teens a chance to practice against adult fencers they’ll face in senior competitions.

  • Mondays from 7-8: Teen & Adult Epee Class
  • Wednesdays from 7-8: Teen & Adult Foil/Saber Class
  • Saturdays from 11:30-1: Teen & Adult Three-Weapon Class

Like the new youth classes, these will focus on weapon-specific skills.

Open Bouting Sessions

If you’re gearing up to become a competitive fencer, classes are important but you also need a chance to work on those new skills on strip! Open bouting sessions combine two age groups, since tournament classifications don’t exactly follow the age groupings we’re using. This gives you a chance to fence against a wide variety of skill levels and ages, just like you would in a real tournament.

Homeschool Classes

We are starting a brand-new homeschool fencing program on September 5. This class is open to ages 6 and up and will be held at the same time as the afternoon adult fencing classes. Learn more and sign up for the homeschool fencing email list here.

Classes for Beginners

We only have one dedicated beginner class for adults and teens, not pictured on the schedule above. It meets Tuesdays from 7:30-9 at the Bellaire Rec Center. If that time doesn’t work for you, come during any of the other practices and one of our coaches will help get you started. You can also sign up for one of our monthly free beginner classes!