light saber combat square flyer

We had a great time at our last light saber class, and since then we’ve heard from a lot of folks who are sorry they missed it. So here we go again: sign up now to try light saber stage combat!

It’s a surprise – and a disappointment to some – that the kind of fencing we do is so different from fencing in the movies. There are good reasons for that! In sport fencing, you are trying to disguise your intentions and make small movements to actually hit your opponent. In movie fights, two actors are trying to make the action look cool and, if they actually hit each other right away, the fight scene will be too short for all those classic lines of dialogue.

Well, here’s your chance to look like a Jedi or Sith and learn some cool stage combat techniques.

Light Saber Combat Classes

February 9, 2017

5:30-7:00 – Light Saber Combat, ages 6 and up

Cost: $30, or $24 for HSS members

No previous fencing experience necessary. Come dressed to move, in athletic pants or long shorts and close-toed athletic shoes. Wear your favorite Star Wars shirt for bonus points!

Note: the 7:00 class has been cancelled. Teens and adults are welcome at the 5:30 class!

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