Fete de Lune 2018 Results and Photos

We had a great time at the Fete this year! This was Houston Sword Sports’ first year to host the Fete, which has been running in this region for about twenty years.

We could not have held this tournament without the help of so many people. We would like to thank John and Nicole Trojanowski, for handing off the tournament to us, and Nicole for making the beautiful awards; and our fencer Richard White’s law firm, Buckley, White, Castaneda and Howell for sponsoring the awards. We would also like to thank the tournament staff and organizers: Janine Abad, Braden Carter, Matt Cooper, Kirsten Crouse, Hayley Gillen, Michael Mergens, and Brian Toffelmire. The excellent photography in this post and in our Facebook album was done by Kat Kelsch and Christina Bouysset.

We’ve posted the results from the events on AskFred. See below for the age category awards and a few of our favorite pictures.

Vet 40 Mixed Epee OverallNameClub
1Benoit BouyssetHouston Sword Sports
2TElizabeth GormanHouston Sword Sports
2TAlison FreySalle Mauro Fencing Academy
3Marc HessAlliance Fencing Academy
Vet 50 Mixed Epee OverallNameClub
1Esperanza Barrera
2Randall RauschAustin Fencers Club
3Alexander PopoviciAlliance Fencing Academy
Vet 60 Mixed Epee OverallNameClub
1TDon CraveyMile High Fencing Club
1TDiane Kallus
2TRachel El-SalehSalle Mauro Fencing Academy
2TJohn UnderwoodGold Blade Fencing Center
3Grace BuchananCoastal Bend Fencing Society
Vet 40 Mixed Foil OverallNameClub
1TBenoit BouyssetHouston Sword Sports
1TAmanda GreinHouston Sword Sports
2Min Hui TeoBayou City Fencing Academy
3Shalyn ShourdsFencing Institute of Texas
Vet 50 Mixed Foil OverallNameClub
1TLisa LambertInternational Fencers Alliance of Dallas
1TRobert TowsterBayou City Fencing Academy
2Alysa JarvisBayou City Fencing Academy
3August SkopikHouston Sword Sports/Alliance Fencing Academy
Vet 60 Mixed Foil OverallNameClub
1Don CraveyMile High Fencing Club
2Rachel El-SalehSalle Mauro Fencing Academy
3Valerie ReinhardtCyranos Place
Vet 40 Mixed Saber OverallNameClub
1Daniel GormanHouston Sword Sports
2Benoit BouyssetHouston Sword Sports
Vet 50 Mixed Saber OverallNameClub
1Alysa JarvisBayou City Fencing Academy
2Antonio EscuetaCutting Edge Fencing Club
3August SkopikHouston Sword Sports/Alliance Fencing Academy