School Championships, May 2018: Results and Pictures

Our semi-annual School Championship is becoming a really fun tradition, and the May tournament was no exception! Students from our afterschool programs, plus a few from our evening and Saturday classes, got together to compete for individual medals and for the school trophy – the Golden Mask.

Turnout was a little smaller than our December tournament, but still solid, and the events went quickly and smoothly.

The Format

Kids born in 2009-2012 (turning six to nine this year) entered the Y8 competition, and those born in 2007 and 2008 (turning ten and eleven this year) entered the Y10 event.

In the first round, the kids were divided into two pools, or groups of 5-6 fencers. They fenced non-electric bouts with each person in the pool. We used those results and advanced the top two fencers in each pool to the finals. The finalists got to fence electric.

The Golden Mask

Lycée International de Houston had the best turnout and results of any of the schools by far, and won the Golden Mask for the second semester in a row. Each fencer earned their school one point. They earned more points for placing in the top four: Third place earned two, second place earned three, and first place earned four. The results were as follows:

1. Lycée International de Houston
2. (tied) Herod Elementary
2. (tied) The Kipling School
4. (tied) Briarmeadow Charter School
4. (tied) St. Mary of the Purification Catholic School
4. (tied) Westbury Christian School

A few of the LIH fencers hold up the Golden Mask.

Results and Photos

Scroll down to see some great photos from the event, and the results!

1Lucas ZimmerLycée International de Houston
2Aramis AhmadiLycée International de Houston
3TIsaiah WalkerThe Kipling School
3TMaxime HarangerLycée International de Houston
5Luke IpeVeritas Christian Academy
6Pierre-Oliver HassounLycée International de Houston
7Carson TriolaWestbury Christian School
8Tristan MauborgneLycée International de Houston
9Sawyer VyvjalaBriarmeadow Charter School
10Albane PoeymarieLycée International de Houston
11Michael BonderoverThe Kipling School
12Esteban OgaLycée International de Houston


1Joshua WalkerThe Kipling School
2Elias PaquierLycée International de Houston
3TJalen St. ClairHerod Elementary
3TKai PlankHerod Elementary
5Ryan SimonHerod Elementary
6William DavisHerod Elementary
7Dillan CurlinAlief Montessori Community School
8Liam FairbanksHerod Elementary
9Amelia JamesSt. Mary of the Purification Catholic School
10Jacob RexroadHorn Elementary