Top 10 reasons fencing is Houston’s perfect sport

I’ve fenced in a few different cities, and so has Dan. But fencing in Houston is better than fencing anywhere else, and here’s why:

  1. It’s inside and air-conditioned – For eleven months of the year it’s not particularly pleasant to be outside in Houston for any extended amount of time. Nine months of sauna-style heat and humidity, two weeks of nice weather, two months of cold-ish* rain, two more weeks of nice weather, and then right back to the sauna. But through the miracle of modern air conditioning, inside is pretty much a comfortable temperature all year round. Why would you choose a sport that you have to play outside?
  2. No mosquitoes, either – Those things are unpleasant and unsafe. Decrease your risk of West Nile disease by staying inside with a fencing jacket on.
  3. Surprisingly safe – Sometimes you need a safe haven like swordfighting to get a break from the dangers of rodeo and football. Seriously though, fencing is one of the safest Olympic sports. Take a break from those dangerous, stereotypical Houston sports and swing a few feet of steel around for a while. I’m sure that bull will be right where you left it when practice is over.
  4. There is a lot of fencing nearby – Houston has quite a few active clubs, and there are even more within a few hours’ drive. This means that we have great tournaments almost every weekend. Some tournaments cater especially to kids, veterans (folks over 40), or novices. This means that if you want to find a little tournament with other folks like you, you can. Or, about once a month, you can find a giant tournament with folks that run from total newbies to national team members.
  5. Diverse sport in a diverse city – Houston is one of America’s most diverse cities, and fencing is a great sport for people of all backgrounds. You can meet all kinds of people at fencing classes and tournaments, and you have an instant bond based on your love of fencing. Let’s face it, you probably also love the Princess Bride, you can always bring that up and make friends.
  6. Sport for smart people – With our growing tech industry, not to mention oil and gas, Houston attracts smart folks from all over the US. Use those smarts to your advantage on strip. Fencers are not the biggest, fastest, strongest, or quickest athletes, but we are some of the cleverest.
  7. Sport for nice people – Houstonians are friendly (provided you get us out of our cars). Fencing doesn’t happen in a car, and it’s a sport where sportsmanship and etiquette are highly valued. You won’t see people booing at a fencing tournament, and no matter the outcome, opponents always shake hands afterwards.
  8. Sport for out-of-shape people – It helps to be in shape, but if you’re out of shape, you won’t be punishing your body as much as you would be if you were trying to run around for a whole soccer game or something. Let’s face it, there’s a lot of good Houston cuisine between us and perfect health. Fencing will help tone you and keep you active, but it won’t kill you if nothing else in your life is keeping you toned and active.
  9. Commuter sport – We all drive big cars and trucks, so hauling the gear is no trouble. Our club may not be a five minute drive from your house, but you’re already used to driving at least fifteen to get anywhere. No car? Don’t worry, everyone else in the club has one. I’m sure you can bum a ride.
  10. Growing fast – Just as Houston is one of the fastest growing cities in the US, fencing is one of our fastest growing sports. Get in now, before it fills up like 290 will as soon as they finish that construction.

If you aren’t already a Houston fencer, check out our class schedule and our membership rates. Your first class at the Bellaire Rec is free, or show up to our free classes on September 2 and 3 to learn the ropes along with a lot of other newbies!

*I have to say cold-ish or Coach Dan, from the frozen wastes of Indiana, will laugh at me.

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