School Championships, Fall 2021: Results and Pictures

Fencers competing in the Y8 event of the Fall 2021 School Championship

Fencers competing in the Y8 event of the Fall 2021 School Championship on December 4, 2021.

Fencers competing in the Y8 event on December 4, 2021.

It had been almost two full years since the last time Houston Sword Sports hosted a tournament when fencers from across the Houston area gathered in our club to compete in the School Championship Tournament. With all of the interruptions and cancellations of the pandemic, we were so glad to be back in after-school classes this year, and we couldn’t wait to host this tournament again!

Representatives from all of our seven after-school programs, and several fencers from our regular classes, participated in two events: Y8, for kids up to age 8, and Y12, for kids 9-12. We had a total of 34 fencers participate.

Tournament Format

In both events, the first round was “pools” – the kids were divided into groups of six to seven, and they fenced five-touch bouts with everyone in their group. Then, we took the top four fencers from each event and promoted them to the semifinals. These were ten-touch bouts for the Y8 kids and fifteen-touch bouts for the Y12 kids.

The Golden Mask

At each School Championship tournament, the kids earn a point for their school just for showing up, and more points for finishing in the top four. This year, one of our newest schools had the best representation – with nine fencers – and also won the “medal count,” as it were, with three of the four medals in the Y8 event. Congratulations to River Oaks Baptist School on your victory! Here are the top three schools and their point standings:

  1. River Oaks Baptist School – 18 points
  2. Herod Elementary – 11 points
  3. Annunciation Orthodox School – 6 points

Photos and Results

Scroll down to see a few photos we took at the event, and the results!

1Max McBarnetROBS
2Kiran RahmanROBS
3TMori LoveHerod
3TFenner CurrinROBS
5Brady EdingtonROBS
6Noah DavidoffPost Oak
7Grayson ReedWestbury
8Rush BlairROBS
9Matan LoveHerod
10Cora MayerichSt. Mary’s
11Eleanor CrumpTravis
12Oscar CamachostoneKipling
13Joseph FlanaganHerod
14Henry CiosekKipling
15Ava AltonHerod
16Rosie CrandallROBS
17Violet CrandallROBS
18Mason MurphyROBS
19Zixing WangRoberts
20Josie JohnstonROBS


1Niko MillerBarnett
2Charlie MikhailAOS
3Emilio JuarezArmand Bayou
4Owen TaslimiHerod
5Jack FloresAOS
6Sean IbarraHerod
7Cameron Castillo
8Ari ColenAOS
9Griffin MorganSt. Mary’s
10Ari GovshteynBeth Yeshurun
11Marcos FreedmanHerod
12Henry HartmanPost Oak
13Avi GovshteynBeth Yeshurun
14Isla MurrayNorth Pointe