May 2017 School championship fencing

Y8 fencers warm up, left/center, while Y12 fencers fence, right.

Man, we have really fallen behind on blogging – allow us to belatedly share the results from our May 2017 School Championship!

We moved into our new facility in April, and we were really excited to start using it for events. Last December’s school championship at the Bellaire Rec went really well, but it’s not easy to schedule events in such a busy venue. Now we have our place and we can set the schedule for whenever we want! The one constraint we have is the parking lot – we knew we wanted to avoid hosting the tournament when The Zone was hosting a big volleyball or basketball tournament, because often the Zone’s lot and several neighboring lots will be completely full.

We held the tournament on a Sunday afternoon, with age categories divided by birth year. Fencers from our afterschool programs and regular classes participated. It was a great chance for us to show off our new fencing space, and some of the kids got to fence electric for the first time.

Y10 fencers, next point wins

Joshua Walker, left, and Ethan Martinez, right, square off. It’s a 4-4 tie – next point wins!

The Events and the Results

The youngest kids fall into the Y8 category, and this was also the biggest group we had. These kids ranged from six to eight years old. Here are their results:

  1. Jerry Fan, Herod Elementary
  2. Jackson Authur, Thursday evening class
  3. Isaiah Walker, The Kipling School
  4. Jacob Rexroad, Tuesday evening class
  5. Varen Janarthanan, Herod Elementary
  6. Luke Ipe, Saturday morning class
  7. Michael Stevenson, Westbury Christian School
  8. Adam Bawa, Saturday morning class

The next group is Y10, and included nine and ten year olds. Because this group was smaller in number and bigger in size, they got to fence electric. Here are their results:

  1. George Kell, Herod Elementary
  2. Joshua Walker, The Kipling School
  3. Ethan Martinez, Saturday morning class
  4. Jorge Frasco, Westbury Christian School
  5. Troy Roberts, Westbury Christian School

The final group of fencers were Y12, ages eleven and twelve. This group was full of kids from our regular classes, since most of our afterschool classes focus on younger kids. They had more experience with electric fencing than the other kids, so we were able to do a more complete tournament format with them. Here are their results:

  1. Bryce Butler, Tuesday/Thursday evening classes
  2. Benjamin Authur, Thursday evening class
  3. Bill Berry, Saturday morning class

Sound like fun? We’ll have another in December – you’ve got plenty of time to practice between now and then! Sign up for classes or email us to start your own afterschool program.