What we’re thankful for


It’s Thanksgiving week, and at Houston Sword Sports we have a lot to be thankful for! Here’s a cheesy little blog post to get you in the mood for stuffing your face.

I’m thankful that fencing burns calories

One hour of fencing=one slice of pumpkin pie. Approximately. Don’t quote me on that.

I’m thankful for hilarious fencing moments

Especially the ones we capture on video and post to Instagram and Facebook.

I’m thankful that we’re celebrating locally this year

In years past, Thanksgiving week involved hours of driving to see everyone we needed to see. Staying close to Houston for Thanksgiving means we can hold classes all the way up to Wednesday. We’re still taking Saturday off though (turkey coma, zzzzzz).

I’m thankful for our coaches

HSS has grown well beyond where we started two years ago. We rely on our coaching staff every day (except Sunday… for now) to bring the very best fencing experience to our members.

I’m thankful for our fencers

You guys are what keep us going! Thanks for showing up, thanks for helping us out, thanks for cheering us on.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! What are you thankful for?

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